ECG, laboratory


Electrocardiogram, usually known as ECG, registers the functioning of your heart by measuring its electrical activity by placing small sensors on your chest, hands and shins. By measuring the speed and regularity of heartbeats, it is possible to detect abnormal heart function, presence of any kind of damage or enlargement of the heart muscle.

ECG can track the influence of medication and see whether adverse effects are caused, which can influence the heart.

ECG can also be performed within a routine check-up, for instance, prior to a surgery, in order to acquire an insight into the condition of your heart.

The test is quick, safe and painless.


If you need a blood analysis, whether it is a CBC, biochemical analysis or differential tests like blood markers, hormones, vitamins etc., you can do all these tests in our Polyclinic. Blood for the tests will be taken before treatment, so there will be no need for additional vein puncture.

Samples will be analysed within the shortest period of time, and results will be sent to your web address mostly within an hour or handed to you personally.

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