Ozone or three-atom oxygen is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms, highly concentrated energy form of normal oxygen from the atmosphere. In a room temperature ozone (O3) is a colourless gas with a characteristic smell. Due to its strong capacity of oxidation and disinfection, it is also used as an antibacterial means in water treatment as well as drinking water purifier worldwide.

One-time and/or frequent application of ozone in low concentration levels, amounts and in a specific form for treatment with ozone – enables our organism full efficacy of its useful biological characteristic.


Medical ozone is a compound of purest ozone and purest oxygen. Ozone is generated from oxygen (pursuant to the legal pharmaceutical regulations) with the help of a medical ozone generator (Medical Devices Directives: 92/43EEC). Ozone is prepared from pure medical oxygen and is used as a mixture of ozone and oxygen in specific concentrations and doses. Regarding the manner of use, ozone concentration can vary from 1- 100 μg/ml (what corresponds to a mixture of ozone/oxygen between 0,05% O3 / 99,95% O2 all the way to 5% O3/ 95% O2) 0,05- 5 Vol% O3).

  1. Medical ozone has a significant ability to destroy bacteria, fungi and stopping the growth of viruses. That is the reason why it is frequently used for disinfection and cleaning of infected wounds and removal of fungi and other combined infections.
  2. It has a strong effect on improvement of circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues (through activation of red blood cells) so it is frequently used in circulation disorders and for improvement of tissue vitality.
  3. It has a strong effect on improvement of circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues (through activation of red blood cells) so it is frequently used in circulation disorders and for improvement of tissue vitality.
  4. Small amounts of ozone, applied in a form of autohemotransfusion, activate antioxidants. Today we are fully aware of the reasons why ozone therapy is successful in conditions of chronical inflammation and oxidative stress. Moderate stress regulates the balance between oxidants and antioxidants.
Infected wounds and injuries which heal poorly; fungal skin infections
Disinfection, wound cleaning effect, improved healing
Circulation disorders, especially with diabetes, angiopathy
Improved oxygen availability through erythrocyte activation, activation of antioxidants
General weakness or immunity disorder, for instance with chronical inflammation (hepatitis B and C). Support therapy with treatment of carcinoma
Activation of the immune system. Activation of the antioxidants and free radicals on the cellular level
Chronical inflammable processes, for instance chronical muscular pain, recurrent inflammations and joint pain, especially with rheumatoid arthritis - chronical inflammatory bowel diseases
Anti-inflammatory effect through free radical and antioxidant activation. Activation, i.e. modulation of the immune system


Inhalation of ozone in any form is strictly forbidden.
Within the last few decades of safe usage, the following applications are common:

  1. Major autohemotransfusion (MAH – major autohemotherapy) for revitalisation, circulation disorders and illnesses caused by viruses or for a general activation of the immune system.
    What does the procedure look like?
    The patient is lying on a table as if receiving infusion – in a completely sterile way 50- 100 ml of patient’s blood is retrieved from the vein which is then enriched with precisely defined concentration and amount of medical ozone. Ozone applied that way 100% reacts with red and white blood cells in the blood and stimulates their metabolism.
    Ozone is completely used up in that process of activation, and the blood activated in that way is returned with the same system into the patient as a normal infusion. Not one molecule of ozone or oxygen is returned to the body of the patient – the whole procedure is based on the “activation” of cells within the patient’s blood, which after returning to the patient’s organism “transmit” the information to other cells on their activation and in that way activate further activation processes.

  2. Minor autohemotransfusion is conducted intramuscularly for non-specific immunity activisation and revitalisation in allergy conditions or as a general method for improved biological resistance of the organism.

  3. External, transcutaneous application for healing wounds – with the help of ozone – resistant plastic bags or ozonated water. It is applied for wounds which heal poorly, diabetic gangrene, all forms of dermatosis, fistulae and injuries after radiotherapeutic radiation. Ozonated water disinfects and revitalises skin changes like itching, infections or inflammations (for treatment of aphthae, fungal infection, burns and infected wounds, fresh chirurgical wounds after surgery).

  4. Rectal application of the ozone (insufflation) is useful in chronical inflammation illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract, for systemic relativization and diseases caused by viruses.

  5. Vaginal application (insufflation) for viral, bacterial and fungal infections, as well as systemic relativization.


There is a wide range of diseases and conditions which can improve or heal with the application of ozone, what is proven with many scientific researches and publications.

Typically, ozone acts complementary with other therapies, i.e. it is a part of a holistic treatment concept.
Medical ozone is safe, practical and efficient, even though there is no guarantee of complete healing for each individual case.

Circulation disorders

Disorders of arterial circulation includes a cold feeling in legs and pain after shorter walking (“smoker’s legs” or intermittent claudication) – which represent alarming signals. Ozone is used for approx. 50 years as a part of classical treatment.
Medical ozone is used only as complementary method to another, very successful biological therapy, thanks to its ability of erythrocyte activation, which lead to an improved oxygen availability.

Regeneration and revitalisation

Professional stress and intensive mental and physical activity react particularly good to ozone therapy.
Activation of cell mechanisms in red and white blood cells lead to improvement of general condition of the organism which results in overall revitalisation. Professional athletes also profit from ozone treatment. Although it does not increase the level of achievement, endurance is increased, i.e. submaximal achievement. Furthermore, ozone reduces recovery time in exhausting athletic disciplines.

Older patients: prevention and revitalisation

Older age groups of patients react particularly good to ozone therapy and use the advantage all of its effects – their general sense of health is improved due to increased tissue oxygenation, mobilisation of the immune system and activation of own antioxidants. Positive effect also occurs with disturbances of cerebral circulation, which is often noticed through difficult focusing, weaker memory, unsteadiness of walking etc.

Along with the mentioned effects as a complementary treatment method in many illnesses, ozone is often applied as preventive means because it leads to significant improvement of the subjective sense of health and quality of life.

Eye diseases

With older patients’ circulation disorders can often affect the eye, in a form of atrophic and degenerative changes. The best-known form is a macular degeneration connected with age which strikes the centre of retina – in which sight is the clearest. In some cases, it can also result in atrophy of the optical nerve of different intensity.

Together with other results from medical practice, a study conducted at the Ophthalmology Clinic of the University of Sienna (Italy) has proven the improvement of sight potential after ozone autohemotransfusion. The effect can last from 6 to 8 months, after which period treatment should be repeated.

Complementary treatment in oncology

Ozone autohemotransfusion or rectal insufflation are very useful complementary methods in oncology. Immune activation is accomplished with a low dose of ozone – immunocompetent cells lice lymphocytes, helper and NK cells, all react exceptionally well by producing specific cytokines, i.e. interferons. Activation of cell antioxidants in healthy cells reacts to every excess of reactive and aggressive oxygen free radicals and in that way strengthens the protection of the cell. Ozone therapy has particularly beneficial effect prior to chemotherapy and/or radiation, because its effect protects healthy cells of a patient and therefore reduces harmful adverse effects.

Skin infections, fungal infections and wounds which heal difficultly

During the last 100 years drinking water industry uses fungicidal and bactericidal effects of ozone throughout the world. Same mechanisms make ozone a powerful weapon in fighting against fungal/ bacterial/ viral infections of the body – skin and mucous membranes.
Classical use of ozone in mentioned conditions encompasses skin infections and infected wounds in the form of decubitus, foot and shin ulcers (ulcus cruris), diabetic foot and gangrene or other wounds which heal difficultly. Initially, ozone therapy disinfects the wound and enables a clean base for healing. In second phase, with lower ozone concentrations, an accelerated healing and epithelialisation of a wound cleaned in such a way is achieved.

Inflammatory bowel disease - proctitis and colitis

Local ozone application through rectal insufflation brings quick relief of symptoms with inflammatory bowel disease, especially during the 1st stage. Normally a treatment of 10 applications is sufficient. A study performed on 248 patients with proctitis demonstrated that in only 10% of cases it was necessary to add additional treatments.

Viral illnesses

Illnesses caused by herpes simplex and herpes zoster viruses react well to all types of ozone applications, especially combined with conventional methods. Ozone helps with herpes zoster infections locally – by using ozonated water locally (dressings) and ozone autohemotransfusion after zoster neuralgia.

Inflammatory liver diseases

Inflammatory liver diseases represent a classical indication for ozone therapy. Although hepatitis A is treated relatively simple and can be cured completely, hepatitis B often develops into a chronic illness. As a complementary method combined with conventional therapy, ozone autohemotransfusions and rectal insufflations represent a method of choice. It also refers to hepatitis C, which is most often diagnosed as a chronic illness, considering that its incubation can last up to several years.

Inflammatory and degenerative joint illnesses

With inflammatory and degenerative joint illnesses, it is proven that earlier degrees of inflammation (when bone deformation has not occurred yet), react particularly well to ozone therapy. This refers to gonatrosis or activated arthrosis of the knee and shoulder, as well as on other inflammatory joint illnesses. Together with classical medical treatments, ozone has a special part in anti-inflammatory effect, immunomodulation and activation of metabolism with the inflammation of affected cartilage within joints.

Rheumatism, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

These three names describe many painful conditions of skeletal muscle tissue. In many cases a significant decrease of mobility.
Here too, together with conventional treatments, ozone has a significant role in lowering of painfulness and increase of movability because of its anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect. It is applied locally, in autohemotransfusion and rectal insufflation.

Pain treatment

In small concentrations and amounts, ozone is used as complementary method with muscle tensions, chronical muscle pain, local effect to trigger points etc., and is often combined with acupuncture.


Ozone therapy (autohemotransfusion) increases endurance of athletes, shortens recovery time after injuries, and it has been proven to promote a more rapid recovery after a hard training and the preparedness for new performances.


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