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Cure against Coronavirus?

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Cure against Coronavirus? It is known for some time now that ozone is efficient in inactivation of many known viruses, including the flu virus, Herpes simplex and Varicella – zoster viruses, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus and HIV virus.

The effect of ozone on inactivation of bacteria and parasites is also well known to us. We became aware of Covid-19 just recently, but there is no reason to suspect that ozone treatments and high doses of vitamin C could help fight the disease. Ozone treatments are given as a form of prevention, because ozone increases the strength of the immune system, but also as therapy treatment regarding its ability to destroy, i.e. deactivate microorganisms.

Besides the aforementioned, it is also known that in infectious conditions a drop of vitamin C levels occur, and that vitamin C is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Since the infection causes a higher level of oxidative stress, a therapy with high doses of vitamin C accomplishes faster healing. Intake of vitamin C orally cannot increase the level of vitamin C in the blood, therefore high doses are applied exclusively intravenously.

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